Sandy Asher and David Harrison

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Writers at Work: An Introduction

On August 31, 2010, the two of us—David Harrison and Sandy Asher—launched a new feature on David’s blog called WRITERS AT WORK. Longtime friends and colleagues, we started a public conversation about writing—not the technique or marketing aspects, but the day-by-day nuts and bolts of doing it.

Nothing fancy or formal. We simply made a list of some of the most frequent questions we’ve received from readers and fellow writers over the years (see below) and began tackling them in an online conversation. Our remarks continue to be published individually—“he said” one time, “she said” the next (and vice versa)—as a weekly feature each Tuesday on David’s blog at www.davidlharrison.com. Here, they’ll be reposted in larger chunks, all of our exchanges addressing one particular topic each time. Instead of a weekly schedule, we’ll update monthly.

Readers are encouraged to chime in on any of the topics at any time—and especially to suggest new topics they’d like to see addressed. Selected comments from readers will be posted each month.

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